sábado, 18 de febrero de 2017

The day is gone

Sin palabras.
Creo que hoy merezco tener un pequeño espacio para estar triste y llorar 

Take it back
I would take it back
For just another minute 

Just another chance with you
Give it up
I would give everything up
Every last breath
Every first taste, for you.

Just to make it alright.
Just to make it alright.
But its too late, to go back.
I can see the darkness, through the cracks.
Daylight fading, I curse the breaking.
The day is gone.
The day is gone.
Run away
I ll just run away
like a child
from all them to you

And now I see
my most constant mistake
is i don't know what I love till its gone
But its too late to go back
And I can see the darkness
Through the cracks

Daylight fading
I curse the breaking. 

The day is gone.
The day is gone
Its too late to go back,
I let the darkness seep through the cracks.
Love is bleeding, I curse my breathing. 

The day is gone
The day is gone


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